I can’t decide if I’m already in a Christmas mood or still in an Autumn feeling. So can’t the weather. So can’t my stomach. The one moment I’m all about eating chocolate, drinking tea and pondering over Christmas cookie recipes, in the other I’m making Pumpkin Gnocchi. This is my favourite dish with pumpkin. I love pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin but if you give me the choice (and enough time) I would always opt for Gnocchi. I know  a lot of people are afraid to make them yourself but I can telll you the secret to making Gnocchi: cook the potatos in their peel and let them cool a little before you press them. The dough shouldn’t get to wet then. And cook them only fo 3-4 minutes. That’s all. That’s the whole secret. You don’t have to be disappointed! Try it first.


The ingredients you need for 2-4 people:
250 g potatoes
100 g pumpkin (I used some butternut pumpkin but Hokkaido or anything else will work as well)
1 egg
250 g flour (you might need more if the dough isn’t dry enough)
salt, nutmeg


Cook the potatoes in their peel and the pumpkin in water. I used a pressure cooker for the potatoes this is not only faster but keeps the potatoes from taking in too much water.


Let those cool a little until you mash them. This is also important because the dough shouldn’t be too hot when you add the egg. Mix in the flour and season with salt and nutmeg. Note that the potatoes need a lot of salt to taste good. The dough should have the consistancy of soft play dough. I added a little more flour to reach the perfect texture to form it.

Let the mixture sit a little and then take a part and make a roll.


Cut the roll into small pieces with a sharp knife. The Gnocchi drops shouldn’t be bigger than 2 cm. The will become bigger when cooked.


Once formed you can drop the Gnocchis in cooking water. When they swim at the top, wait for 2 more minutes and take them out. Voilá!

What I love to add are just some poppy seeds and sage. Caramlize the sage leaves in butter until the butter turns brown and the leaves are crispy. Take them out of the pan and add 50 g of poppy seeds. Season with salt and stir for 2 minutes. Add the Gnocchis and roast them for 10 min. Be careful though if the Gnocchis are still wet.

Put it all in a bowl and add the caramilzed sage leaves in the end. Believe me, it’s so delicious!


Now. Carry on!