I was looking for something to hang my necklaces for ages. Ages. Literally. I knew I wanted to make something myself. Of course. But everything I found was to big or just not pretty enough. Then one day I saw this art. It was a branch with birds out of wire. I loved it and bookmarked it. It’s sometimes weird how inspiration is something that needs to develop. At least for me. It was only after a while that I thought: how perfect would it be as a jewerly hanging mobile.

Then it took me weeks again to find the right branch. And then it wasn’t me who found it but my mum. She got this decoration as a present. Really ugly. Dried moss attached to a branch and flowers drapped around it. Sounds pretty? It wasn’t. Unfortunately I didn’t took pictures. You wouldn’t believe how ugly it looked.

Well, back to the story. So there was this ugly thing but the branch looked promising and after I stripped it, I saw that it was perfect. So I started to wrap the wire around it and voilá!





Now. Carry on!