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I love upcycling as you might know if you follow me along for a while and since sustainability is such a big trend at the moment, I thought I share a DIY that ticks all the boxes: a Mother’s Day card for OTTOinSITE from paper scraps which also doubles as a seed bomb. How’s that, you ask?! There are flower seeds hidden in the heart of the card.

Once you give the card away, it could just be planted. The moisture will dissolve the paper and give the flower seeds space to go. For the flower bouquet that will last longer than a week! Great for the bees too!

Your mum doesn’t even need to own a garden, a simple pot is all she needs to grow the flowers! Genius, right?! As you see, I’m still my humble self over here.

I created the DIY tutorial for this sustainable Mother’s Day card from scratch: you can buy everything you need at a craft store or hardware store.

What you need:

  • a tub
  • textile wipes
  • a wooden board
  • two picture frames
  • fly screens
  • an electronic stapler
  • scissors
  • paper scraps
  • two paper napkins (to color the heart)
  • heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • flower seeds
  • a blender

In the following video I show you (in German) how to make your own paper: from building your own frames to making your own paper and making it into a card:

Be aware though that writing on the handmade paper is a bit tricky as it blurs the colour of the pen. I used a “regular” paper to write my greetings. I decided on the saying: Family is where the love grows.

What other references to the hidden function of the card can you think of? Comment below!

Now. Carry on!

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