Mother’s Day always leaves me uninspired. So when OTTOinSITE asked me to create a Mother’s Day craft, I was not as pleased as usual when I get to create.

No wonder I dread this day for the whole year. Not that I don’t love my mom. En contraire. And I do know what hobbies she has and what she likes. But everything feels too forced and simply not good enough. Maybe I love her too much? Well, this is the story I keep telling if anybody asks me.

Where has the time gone when a hand painted picture and some wild flowers were enough?! Now that I think about it, maybe I can apply the whole concept to a DIY: heartfelt, inspired and personal. That’s what it should be. So I was very smitten with myself when I stumbled upon the idea of mini magnets. This DIY can be made with your own personal pictures and is bound to put a smile on your mother’s face.

Handmade DIY mini photo magnets for Mother's Day | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

Who’s ready to be the child of the year?! Well, if so, follow the instruction on OTTOinSITE for these DIY mini photo magnets.

If you have any siblings: include them in the process of choosing the pictures. This is really fun – walking down memory lane and laughing at your old selfs and the hideous fashion styles back in the days. Oh. My. God. Or as one of my sisters put it: “Well, at least we can say, we turned out alright. Considering.”

Metall memory board with DIY mini magnets tutorial | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

Well, considering all these looks and the faces we pulled! Teenage days are gruesome. All these pictures you see: these are all real-life from my family. It makes me laugh just to look at them now.

Polaroid inspired mini magnets DIY | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

I just hope that my mum has just as much fun.

Do you already have a Mother’s Day gift? If so what it is? Please inspire me for next year. I can’t start early enough.

Now. Carry on!

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