The beautiful Indian summer we had is now definitely over. It’s cold and miserable. But look at the bright side: the perfect excuse to drink tea and eat chocolate. Is it a common thing to eat much more chocolate every day during the cold days? I’m asking for a friend.


This time for the DIY project I rediscovered an old friend of mine: the knitting jenny. I used to use this handy craft tool in elementary school. Did you remember that? My mum and grandma sometimes helped me with the craft homework and then it looked much neater than my knitting with it. I’m sure my teacher couldn’t tell. It makes me surprisingly happy to revisit old (old to me) techniques. I haven’t had a knitting jenny for (at least) 20 years. I totally forgot (or never knew) how calming and meditating this crafting technique is. I made much more than I initially wanted and I’m still looking for new things that I can make with a knitting jenny. Any ideas?


All you need for these DIY knitting jenny coasters and tea cup cozy:
– wool in 2 color
– a knitting jenny
– a crochet hook
– a needle


To start knitting thread the wool through the knitting jenny.


Now wrap the longer part around the hooks like in the picture above.


Wrap it around until you are back at the beginning. Now hold the thread over the first part.

knitting-jenny-start-knitting knitting-jenny-how-to-knit

Take the crochet hook and knit the wool below over the top one. Now follow this step all around the knitting jenny. By the time a knitted “worm” will revolve.


The see-through knitting jenny is quite the motivator here. I remember as a kid peeking in the hole at the bottom to see when it finally comes out. It was a long wait. Let me tell you.
When you want to change the color just start with the new wool and keep knitting like in the pictures above.


Once the worm is about 50 cm longs it’s long enough for a coaster. Just cut off the excessive wool and thread it through the 4 little hoops where the knitting jenny hooks were.


Now take the needle and sew the worm in a circle.


Voilá! You’re done! To make the tea cup cozy just sew the knitted “worm” around the glas.


What would be tea without a cookie? Not a tea time experience at least!


I’m still hesitating to heat the flat. I just cuddle up in cozy jumpers with tea and a hotty. Those are the perks of working at home. You can also wrap yourself in a blanket and keep on your warm pyjama trousers.


Now. Carry on!