While you read this, I’m in Paris. Sitting on a bed in a rented apartment. The Paris in France, yes and yes, really and no, not for fun. I’m working here but I don’t want you to miss me too much so I created an easy and fast DIY project for you. My new side table/chair/stepping stool. At the moment I carry it from one room to another and it’s just so useful in any of these that I can’t decide where it will end up.


When I bought this stool I was actually quite happy with the price/quality of it. I pictured myself stepping on this stool 80 years old and reaching for the cookies that are very high on that shelf that I got just to tiny for. This picture in mind just made me so happy that I didn’t mind carrying the heavy pieces home from ikea. Isn’t it great when you buy something that will last and make you happy?!


All you need is:
– Bekväm stool
– painter’s tape
– white wood paint
– Washi tape

Circle the legs with the painter’s tape. Paint the legs with the paint (I did that twice to create a nice strong layer).


Wait until it’s dry and take of the painter’s tape. Add the Washi tape (I sticked it over the white layer because it’s a little see through).


This is me trying out how far I can reach. Pretty high up now. But once I’m all old and shrunken I might need it even more. This is going to be great!



Now. Carry on!