This has been an intense week. Work-wise. I’m so looking forward to the weekend. Who’s with me? This weekend I won’t be all alone. (Although last weekend I wasn’t either thanks to my lovely friends but I’ll tell you this later.) But not only my boyfriend will be in town but also our camera. So prepare from some good DIY projects! I have to work a little ahead since I’ll be in Paris for a week at the end of this month. Everybody who’s like: Yeah, Paris. Paris is always a good idea! Let me tell you: no! Not if you have to work this whole week. You might say: well, there’s still the weekend! Let me clear it up: no! I’m going to work all weekend. And then you might add: but there’s the fashion week. And I’ll shake my head, look at you and sigh: no! Fashion week will happen without me. So close but no. It’s not going to be all bad but it’s not going to be a walk in the park either. So don’t expect me to share “my favourite café where I sat all afternoon” or “the Eiffel tower and me – finally united” and definitely not “Karl Lagerfeld and me having a fun time trolling journalists”. Anyways. Back to this post.


I made celery pesto. (Sudden change of topic, I know.) And you should too. It’s really good and I didn’t know you could make it until I just tried it. It’s actually quite easy, fast and delicious.

All you need is:

– 3 handful celery leaves
– 3 Tbsp pine nuts
– 4 Tbsp parmesan
– 50 ml olive oil (or more)
– salt/pepper

Blend the celery leaves in a mixer, add the pine nuts and parmesan. When it starts to become smooth add the olive oil. The measurements I wrote above was just guessed. Add as much olive oil until you get a smooth paste. Season to your taste and but it into a little mason jar. Top it with some more olive oil (this will keep it from molding). And that was it.


Now look at this cute little pesto I made.

The taste is quite intense but so good! You can spread it on your bread or add it to salads, pasta and risotto.


If you take pesto out of the jar, always top it off with some more olive oil and it will last in the fridge for weeks!


Now. Carry on!